Should i keep these or do i look like shit?

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  2. i-am-doctor-who-locked said: Keep ‘em, you look god damn gorgeous :)
  3. crawlingindark said: def keep!!!!
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  5. sharethesun-shine said: You look fabulous
  6. rnatsu said: noooo you look amazing keep them c:
  7. beaniejaime said: KEEEEP C:
  8. stunnlng said: CUTE KEEP THEMMM
  9. tonightalivx said: you look great omg
  10. mikasa-the-titan-slayer said: you look gorgeous, i especially love the left ^.^
  11. unspokenstereospeaks said: Keep! You look ahhhhmazing, love.
  12. athousandmoresunsets said: you’re hot ok srsly
  13. with0ut-p3ace said: u look amazing this way, babe
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